• Leland Goodman


  • Industry: Finance/ Investment Banking

    HOME: North Andover, MA

    YEAR: 2021

    MAJOR: Hotel Administration




    "For the last four summers, I have caddied at a golf course on Cape Cod, MA. The experience taught me the importance of communication and making connections with clients in a timely manner. I also worked for finance start-up focused on educating college and high school-aged students. Following my sophomore summer, I worked as a Private Wealth Management Intern at Morgan Stanley. This upcoming summer, I will be an Incoming Summer Analyst at Lazard."



    "Right now, I am a part of Cornell Financial Analysts, Alpha Fund, Cornell Real Estate Club and a social fraternity as well."



    "On the rare occasion that I am not networking, you can likely find me watching the Yankees or fishing. I came to Cornell from the University of Virginia, where I spent my freshman year on a pre-business track. Fun fact: I got a concussion while listening to Migos. Despite this, I still managed to listen to over 21 hours of them this year. My other interests include baseball, golf and basketball."